Friday, February 20, 2009

"I am just going outside and may be some time"

The title of my post today comes from the words spoken by Captain Lawrence Oates before walking to an icy death in 1912 while a member of Robert Falcon Scott's ill-fated expedition to the South Pole.

Yes, that's me walking away in the shot above and while I am not going off to my end in the snow, this blog is about to do just that. It is in fact snowing as I type what will be my last entry. When I started it I wasn't sure if I could keep it going for more than a couple of months. Well, it has been just over a year now and I have enjoyed sharing my views of the city of Seoul with folks from all over the world. While I am going to be staying on here, my job and other activities are making it hard for me find the time to capture fresh images that do not repeat previous themes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has dropped by, but particularly "my regulars", and all of you who have taken the time and trouble to leave a comment or ask a question. Alas, I have not been as diligent in replying or reciprocating and for that I apologize. To my fellow City Daily Photobloggers, keep up your good work.

I will leave the blog up until 16 March, after time which I shall delete it from Blogger.



Anonymous said...

I've always loved your photos of Korea, a country that I am apparently not meant to live in. Seeing your pictures gave me a glimpse of the daily life that I will never have.

고마워요. (Thank you.)

Jacob said...

Thank you for sharing and best wishes to you in the future. Time and perspective changes things so you may find many more photographic opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this blog and everything you've put into it. It's meant a lot to us and our family, and it was great to see Seoul through your eyes.

Do you really have to delete it? :(

All our best to you and yours. Please let us know if you start another online creative project..we'd love to keep in touch.

-Adoptive Mom

Anonymous said...

As we've gotten closer to mid-March, I find myself returning to your site very often and looking back at favorite older pictures or paging back through recent ones. It's been such fun to see Seoul move through a year, and to learn more about the city.

If you're considering at all the possibility of leaving the blog as a reference, I hope you'll keep it up. There's a lot to learn and observe here, even if the posts stopped.

Hoping you're doing well...please send our best to our other favorite Australian expat in Seoul,

Adoptive mom

Ackworth born said...

Please don't delete the blog - archives are important to a lot of people.

Mike said...

We got done with the snow here in New York. I am glad summer is here soon.

Anonymous said...

This past week marks a year since we first met you and brought little E home. Thank you again for your kindness and friendship in Seoul!

-E (and M!)

Shannon said...

I feel deprived! I found your blog only after you had ended it. Too bad for me, but thanks for leaving it up for us to continue to peruse. I love this quote. Have you ever read, "Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World?" It's an excellent book about the expedition of the Endurance to the South Pole. I bet you'd like it.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Glennis said...

Why delete your blog? It is good and interesting and could just be left as is. You may find time to return on occasions.

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