Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Theme Day - October 2008

The subject for Theme Day this month is "Lines". Unfortunately, I was not organized enough this month to register in time, but I thought that I'd make a themed post anyway.

For the September Theme Day my post was, in part, a tribute to the members of the armed forces of the United States who served in the Korean War. This month I thought that I would close the circle and pay tribute to the Koreans who fell in the service of their country during the Korean War and other conflicts.

I have shown previously in this blog other photos I have taken at the National Cemetery. I have visited there on many occasions as it provides opportunities for long peaceful walks through beautiful gardens away from the hustle and bustle of Seoul city streets. However, each time I visit I can't help but be moved by what appear to be the seemingly never ending lines of tombstones stretching off into the distance in all directions.


alice said...

A beautiful photo for a touching interpretation of this theme.

Petrea said...

I, too, have missed the deadline a couple of times, but I still like to participate. Theme or no theme, this is a gorgeous photo, and fitting for any day of the calendar.

Batang Kyusi said...

a photo well composed.