Sunday, August 3, 2008

Strange Seafood

Unidentified sea creatures served raw form part of the first course of a meal at a seafood restaurant. My Korean hosts were not able to give me an English-language name for them. The orange-coloured flesh on the right had a kind of metallic taste with hard teeth-busting pieces, but was quite tasty. The objects on the left were slimy with a chewy gristle-like centre. I'll try anything (well, almost) once!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Some Asian cultures have a interesting appetite for seafood and other animals. I saw a documentary, Shark Water, on the big business of shark fins because its a expensive delicacy in some Asian countries. Movie had some good cinema-matography when it came to watching sea turtles, whales, and shark swimming peacefully, but got disturbing how callous the poachers kill the animals, very inhumane. I think it was only a year ago that people in China found out that dogs make great pets- instead of food. I know I shouldn't knock it- till I tried it and it may even have health benefits, but I have a sensitive stomach and still judge food on how its prepared, looks and smell. On a spiritual plain I have no problem if you were grateful for the animal being sacrifice for food. I eat meat [not as much now] and fish, and I appreciate the food so I can continue to live. All living beings have a conscience and there should be more respect. Other than that, dig in :)