Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You gotta...know when to fold 'em...

The title of the post today comes from "The Gambler", famously sung by Kenny Rogers. The photo was taken in the entry hall of my apartment. It shows my recently acquired folding bicycle which was produced by a Korean company called Samchuly. I bought it from my local bicycle store owner who operates a small shop just around the corner from my apartment tower.

As you can probably see, it doesn't take up much space; an important factor in my choice from the available models. I could have gone for one with very small wheels and limited gearing, but opted for this one as it had full size wheels (26 inch) and 21 gears. It has a large hinge mechanism in the middle of the frame which allows it to be folded in half (hopefully NOT while I am riding it!). The vendor fitted mudguards, put in a longer seat post, gave me a lock and a reasonable discount on the catalogue price. I have take it for a couple of long rides east and west along cycle path beside the Han River and was easily able to keep up with the lycra-clad crowd. The catalogue photo and technical details (in Korean) can be seen here.

By the way, the object hanging above the bicycle is a kind of harness that I could use to lower myself to the ground in the event that a fire traps me in my apartment. It is attached to a metal arm (which looks incapable of supporting my hefty mass) which can be swung out through the window, after you break the glass with a nifty little hammer. Let's hope that I never have to gamble on using it!

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