Thursday, July 10, 2008

Down Tools

A worker takes a break from re-laying paving in Nakseongdae.


Abraham Lincoln said...

That is one hard job and you managed to capture it very well. Nice photo.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo!

Question for you...what is the purpose of the bumpy "yellow brick road" that runs through all the sidewalks and subways in Seoul? Is it something to do with traction? The rainy season? Guides for the blind? Everywhere there was pavement, there seemed to be strips of those bumpy yellow or grey plasticy/rubbery pavers.

Hope you're doing well!
Adoptive Mom

Phil_O'Logus said...

Thanks Abe.

Hey Adoptive Mum, they have those bumpy things back in my home town in Oz. They are used to assist the visually impaired on the train stations. I assume that they have the same purpose here. By the way, I have enjoyed reading your blog. You enquired about the padlocks on N-Seoul Tower - I have written about about them previously here.