Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vampire Repellent

Garlic features prominently in Korean cuisine. Here a garlic vendor sells some to the operator of a small restaurant near Samgakji subway station. I am told that Seoul is not a popular destination for vacationing vampires.


kenziekylanmom said...

Wow what a cool picture! I'm glad you told us it's garlic because I wouldn't have guessed that. When our children came home from Korea our case worked told us to eat a lot of garlic because the babies were so used to that smell of everyone's breath and that it would comfort them.

Murphy_jay said...

wow..a truckload of garlics.. the koreans must really love them!
I guess if everyone smells of it, no one will complain of bad breath caused by garlic then..

Phil_O'Logus said...

Kenziekylanmom - yes, the smell of garlic in the close confines of a subway train carriage can at times be overpowering. The best defence is to adopt the "when in Rome" approach and eats lots of the stuff as Murphy_jay suggests.