Monday, June 23, 2008

Subway Training

A driver brings his train into a Seoul Metro subway station. The subway system is my preferred way of getting around the city. It is fast, efficient, clean and relatively cheap, and is also a great place to people-watch. I frequently have young Koreans start up a conversation on the train in order to practise their English. I really admire them for their courage in doing so as I am not so brave yet to try to similarly practise my Korean!


Murphy_jay said...

Agree with you, Phil. The Seoul Metro is really a good way of getting around in the city.

And you know what, there was really one guy who came up to us, when we were in one of the subway stations, asking us if we needed directions / help - which I think besides being real kind and sweet, it was a good chance for him to practise his English as well.

Phil_O'Logus said...

You are right about people offering directions. I have had them do this on many occasions, even when I'm not lost! I've also had Koreans (older than me) offer me their seat on the train. I think that this all goes to show what generally nice and helpful folks they are.