Monday, May 26, 2008

Stormy Skies

The image above is a tone-mapped composite of three separate exposures I took of the so called "Incubator" building on the grounds of SNU Research Park, Kwanak-gu. This painting-like effect makes the already unusual structure look even more surreal, particularly as a storm approaches.


Blognote said...

Very clever, Phil! I like it!

Murphy_jay said...

It looks scary to me though.
Reminds me of the workplace of some eccentric scientists :P

Olivier said...

superbe architecture, très original. c'est du HDR ?

superb architecture, very original. is HDR?

Phil_O'Logus said...

Thanks Blognote!

Hi Murphy_Jay. I'm told it is a kind of R&D centre where ideas "incubate".

Oui Olivier. I used a program called qtpfsgui ( to generate the HDR and then tone-map it.