Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One for the Naturalists

While hiking up Kwanaksan on Saturday with some friends, we came across several of these sacs of little creatures on the bottom of the still parts of a small stream. The sacs were about the width of an index finger. In the water they looked spiral in shape and had a kind of milky translucency. Given that they were not completely transparent it was hard to make out what was inside (particularly without my glasses!). One of my friends suggested that they were salamander eggs.

Does anybody know what these creatures might be?

Of course we very carefully placed them back exactly where they came from after the photo shoot.


Chuck Pefley said...

Regarding your scooter question:

Phil, I would strongly urge you to consider 150cc as a minimum. This will give you the most flexibility for travel. I know you say "around town" now, but trust me ... once you start scootin' you're gonna want to go farther and farther. Voice of experience; started with a 50cc and realized riding it home from the shop that I'd made a mistake. Six months later I bought a 150 cc and two years after that moved up to my 250, which I rode from Seattle to San Francisco and back last fall. Hope that helps.

Phil_O'Logus said...

Thanks Chuck, I appreciate the advice. Given that before coming to Seoul I used to ride a bicycle all over Melbourne (back home in Australia), I suspect that you are probably right. I'd also want to put my other half (also known as "She who must be obeyed", and who at this stage is unaware of my plan!) on the back; so 250 cc might well be the way to go. Cheers...